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What is the Dagger Fencing Association?

The Dagger Fencing Association (DFA) was created specifically to promote a new combat sport that reflects main gauche and rapier style blade work of the early Renaissance. Much of the FIE & USFA rules were integrated into this sport so individuals versed in Olympic Fencing will easily adapt, providing they have sufficient ambidextrous skill to master the centuries old techniques. The main difference between Olympic épée fencing and Dagger Fencing is the elimination of tethered scoring equipment to allow unlimited footwork in a round or square piste.  

What does a Dagger weapon look like?

The Dagger Weapon is 66 cm in length from tip to pommel and features a flexible blade with a saber guard, 3 prong standard épée plug, rubber saber handle, felt pad and épée style tip. The guard is connected to the blade with a standard saber metal pommel.


The one-of-a-kind Y-style electric body cord is compatible with standard épée weapons and scoring equipment. One end connects to the dagger, one end connects to the épée and the "Y" plug connects to the scoring device.


The dagger weapon was engineered by the product development company INVETON LLC to create a light weight, flexible weapon with similiar characteristics of Olympic style fencing equipment.

Where do I get an official Dagger Fencing weapon?


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Can anyone Dagger Fence?

Yes, this new sport is ideal for experienced épée fencers who seek the intensity and thrill of actual two-weapon sword combat.


How do you play?

The easiest way to get started in dagger fencing is to follow Olympic Épée rules at your local salle while using the new dagger weapon on a standard strip in tandem with your existing épée. For the official rules and regulations that involve a square or round piste while utilizing wireless scoring equipment download a FREE copy of the official DFA 2012 rulebook found on the RESOURCES page.


In addition to the weapons, is there anything special I need to Dagger Fence?


To ensure safety and protection while dagger fencing in a round or square piste, a back zipper jacket is required. While fencing on a standard strip a standard regulation fencing jacket is acceptable. A full body plasteron and fencing glove for each hand is mandatory.

If you don’t have a full body plasteron, you can wear a left and right hand plasteron together.


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Message from the Chairman David Falcon


As the official representative organization of Dagger Fencing, the combined principles of ethics, moral standards and sporting loyalty are the main values which set forth the legitimate activity to this new and exciting contact sport worldwide.

Through the concerted action of all its members the DFA, commonly known as the Dagger Fencing Association, the DFA will act within the framework of our fundamental principles set forth by the Dagger Fencing Committee (DFC) for the sole purpose of maintaining integrity and strengthening autonomy within the sport for the professional and amateur enthusiast. In agreement with other fencing organizations  the same principles will be integrated in order to create and promote the sport and the issues directly related to fencers.

The DFA, in cooperation with any organization related to the sport of fencing in those countries where this activity is fully supported for Olympic and professional events will support said organizations to achieve common goals for Dagger Fencing on a global basis.




Congratulations to Colin Miner who came in 1st place in the Dagger Fencing Event. We would like to thank everyone who participated!

















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